Unable to enter buildings/Missing animations for editor objects
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Hello CUP Developers and Community,

I'm creating map addons/edits for Chernarus for Exile and I'm using CUP Maps and Terrains. However, when I place a enterable building, say a firestation, I am unable to actually open any of the doors to enter the building. I have this with every enter able building.

The ones already placed on the map work fine, however the ones I add, Using the Eden editor, don't work as they should.
I've tried to search the ticket forum to see if someone else has encountered this issue but couldn't find any.

Apart from that great work so far!

Kind Regards,

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The editor placeable buildings are not intended for using them in missions. They exists solely for the purpose of using them in Map Builder, X-Cam and other 3D terrain editors. They only have wrapper configs without animation definition and adding/mirroring those is a very tedious task.

We may add full editor configs in the future. If you really need mission placed buildings with working anims, resort to A2 editor upgrade AddOns.

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Why is this in "Missions" project?

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Probably because you see this problem only in mission placed objects. But you are right. This is terrain only.

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I was hoping to make few compositions featuring these objects for CUP, it is disappointing to find many of them are unusable.

With the recent inclusion of Eden having the buildings fully finished and ready for use in the editor would benefit many.

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The buildings and such were actually never intended to be placed in missions, but are for terrain artists using "Map Builder" and such to build their terrains, We're looking into some solutions.

//Edit: well, I should've read the old comments first. See the first comment from @NeoArmageddon

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This was part of the 1.1.0 update.