LHD Heli marker goes on the ground
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So, when you place a LHD, the heli marker are above it, on the sea ground.

Please see here : http://imgur.com/a/6lDWE


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We don't place any heli markers on the LHD. Can you provide the exact steps for what you are trying to do?

I've just placed a few LHD, and i fell in the water. Then, i've seen something weird under the LHD on the sea ground.

So i've used the ArmA Camera in the editor to have a clear view and i notice some "H" marker on the sea ground.

Check the attached imgur album http://imgur.com/a/6lDWE

The first one is on Altis, the 2 others are on Chernarus.

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We don't place these markers, so i have no idea what is creating these. i cannot reproduce this issue.

Please test with CBA and CUP only.


So, i was not sure if i got only CBA & CUP last time, so i make sure of this now

Please see here :


Img 1 is my activated mods.
Img 2 is the LHD on the main airport ground, we can see heli markers
Img 3 same place, without the LHD, no markers
Img 4 LHD on water, we can see markers on the ground
Img 5 same place, with no LHD, no markers

Thanks for testing that!

Can you test without CUP Terrains?



So i test without CUP Terrains, and i don't see those heli pads markers


Good call ^^

i investagate a little more.

With CUP terrain activated, i can do this : http://i.imgur.com/B2oS4SJ.jpg

And the marker appear.

Without CUP terrain, the marker doesn't appear.

I think it has to do in fnc_initShip.sqf (\CUP\WaterVehicles\CUP_WaterVehicles_Core\functions)

        // Create heli pads
	_heliPads = getArray (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _ship >> "heliPads");
		private ["_helipad"];
		_helipad = "HeliH" createVehicle [0,0,0];
		_helipad attachTo [_ship, [0,0,0], _x];
	} foreach _heliPads;

Hmm, it looks like CUP Terrains might overwrite the HeliH class. I need to check that when I have some time, but that won't be before next month.

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I switched the LHD to use Land_HelipadEmpty_F instead