Addon 'CUP_BaseConfig_F' requires addon 'Models_DBE1'
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Hey guys,

I have a problem. I downloaded everything the CUPs mission requires. I start a szenario or a campain. When I make a brake or die, I trie to load the Auto-/Usersave an the game says me, that it can´t load models_dbe1. Could anyone help me please? :(

Installed files for CUP: CBA_A3; CUP Terrains - Core; CUP Terrains - Maps; CUP Units; CUP Vehicles; CUP Weapons; RHSAFRF; RHSUSF;

Best regards, DeFi

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Usually this error message is caused by a corrupt download. Please redownload and try again.

In which Mod the models_dbe1 is included? Is it sufficient when I reload the CUP Terrains Core and the CUP Terrains?

Thanks for answer

Best regards

Ok, it seems to work now. No more error messages.

Think the problem was, that I downloaded the terrain and maps at the steam workshop.

I tried to download the complete pack at your homepage and now it works.

Thanks for help

Best regards :)

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