Crazy RPT and vehicle/weapons errors after update.
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Hello. After updating the most recent CUP Units (and reinstalled CBA/Units/Weapons/Vehicles), I'm getting some crazy RPT errors that I never used to have. Additionally, purchasing vehicles fail because it cannot 'find' the vehicle classnames - although I never changed them. Also, all CUP weapons are also not 'found'. They are not spawning with/on AI, they're not spawning in the loot tables, and are unpurchasable from traders. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling multiple times. Including scrubbing the workshop/A3 directory completely, unsubscribing and resubscribing. Installation isn't the issue. Please see RPT linked below. The tail end of this paste was cut off due to length limit, but the errors continue (no noticeable difference).


Affected classnames
All Existing CUP weapons:
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Looks like you have a corrupt download. Try redownloading.

If you bothered reading the RPT you would've read that it clearly states:

10:28:52 @CUP_Vehicles | @CUP_Vehicles | false | NOT FOUND | | |
10:28:52 @CUP_Units | @CUP_Units | false | NOT FOUND | | |
10:28:52 @CUP_Weapons | @CUP_Weapons | false | NOT FOUND | | |

This means the mods are not loaded at all.
It has nothing to do with the mods but with how you launch them apparently.
If you took them from the steam WS and dropped them directly there is no underscore in the names.
@CUP Weapons;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles should be given as path instead, or you should rename the folders accordingly.

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Your RPT says you don't load CUP Weapons and CUP Units, only the (now unsupported) AiA TP. Probably you moved the folders with the update or you forgot to rename them.

Chairborne, no reason to be rude.

And yes, two days ago prior to this posting I realized my error. They had been replaced in the same manner they were retrieved. However, the 'old' versions were named "@CUP_Weapons", etc. while the new versions from workshop were named "@CUP Weapons" which was easily over looked. Correcting that error resolved the problem.

Thanks for the input.

He wasn't rude. He just pointed out what was obvious all along.

And yes, two days ago prior to this posting I realized my error.

And you haven't bothered to tell us here? Instead you waste our valuable modding time going through your rpt. Sorry, but that is rude!

I wasn't being rude, i was giving you a very logical explanation that would have saved you a full week of posts on steam workshop first and our feedback tracker later.
If something doesn't work in Arma the RPT is the first thing you check, you as a server admin should know this stuff if you want to make your life easier.
You really just needed to read the RPT to know where the problem was, it took me 10 seconds to spot what was wrong.
I hope this helps you in the future.


I did read it over and over actually, but couldn't figure out the cause of it not launching. The "did you even read" was what I was referring to. Apologies for the trouble. I'll look into this in the future.