Port TKOH Terrains
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Didn't we already discuss this in Discord and decided it's not worth the effort?

That is why this has wishlist priority.

Well, I don't do terrains, so my vote hardly counts, but there are applications for these terrains

My rather small experience with terrains tells me there's a bloatload of work involved.
We'd need more active people to do this.

We could just try to get the assets (buildings and foliage) in the TP and than the terrains should be able to load. Keep in mind that TKOH is closer to A3 than A2.

But that would be a lot of double content as most of the assets from hsim are already in ca. It would probably bloat Terrains to something >10GB.

Yes, there are tons of duplicates, everything should be diverted to \ca\ namespace and check for what's missing like Seattle buildings and things like that.

NeoArmageddon added a comment.EditedFeb 17 2016, 1:16 PM

Can movefolder relocate WRP pathes to ca? Can anyone try?

Plan: Move WRP to ca namespace, check what is missing, add missing stuff from hsim to ca.

AFAIK, we would need source to repath everything.

Damn... my wrp repather is nearly finished... it just fails with a specific block in binarized wrp...

kju added a subscriber: kju.Jan 23 2017, 9:37 AM

moveObject can repath also ODOL and any type of wrp or pew just fine

Now since JETS DLC is out the TOH Terrains gained some value. I created a new repo dedicated to TOH terrains, also a new project. Let's see how things work out.