You can shoot through small rocks on Takistan
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Any gun, modded or not, can shoot through small rocks on Takistan. AI also ignore the rocks and shoot through them. You can walk and hit the rocks with a vehicle though. Big rocks on Takistan are unaffected by this bug.


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Affected classnames
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Known bug in rock geometry which also affects a few community terrains (Isla Duala). But I have not found a matching ticket, so no dublicate ;)

Thanks for the report.

Can you find out the classnames of the affected rocks in the BI camera?

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Will try, but it is all of the small rocks on Takistan, no small rock isn't affected. I'll try and fetch the rock classnames used. Oddly enough, similar looking rocks on other terrains are fine, such as Sahrani, Porto, Rahmadi, so on. Have not tried any other maps except those included with CUP complete terrains.

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So far, I've tested the A2 Rocks section, and here are the rock classnames that are affected:
May be more, will further test.

Sahrani, Porto, Rahmadi use A1 rocks and Takistan A2_EP1 rocks. They might look the same but are actually other objects.

Any status? No good substitutes for Takistan.

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I too am curious as to the status of this issue, I can confirm the problem with the following objects:


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I'm in the process of going through all rocks at the moment.

This entails...

  • Verifying all of them have a damage material (better sound and look when they are shot)
  • Correct geometry (solid and proper collision)
  • Correct view geometry (AI can't see through them)
  • Correct fire geometry (bullet collision)

Alright I got a little ahead of myself, there are more important things to do than going through every rock.

So I have fixed the 3 reported rocks here, are there any others?

as far as I know those are the only takistan-rocks affected, I haven't noticed any problems with the rocks on chernarus.

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I tested it and it does seem to work perfectly! good job!