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There are some fairly aggressive scripts included in CUP that have a negative effect on server performance.

The above image is a mission with static empty 2x Mi6's in, when I delete the vehicles the CPS recovers back to normal. Depbo'ing and looking though there are A) no isServer checks, not sure if required seeing as this looks to be just texture replacement based on weather and B) fairly short sleeps making it check constantly.

I'm not sure what other vehicles have scripts like this included but it would be nice if they could be confined to a seperate optional PBO for multiplayer environments where we'd like to avoid the overhead.


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Cyruz created this task.Feb 22 2016, 9:10 PM
Cyruz added a comment.Nov 8 2018, 7:04 PM

Sorry to necro an old ticket, I'm going to dig through the repo and find stuff that we can make optional (CBA Settings) or is written in a way that might impact performance.

  • (CH53) There a few folding/gear scripts, not sure if this is legacy or who you do scripted animations for vehicles when landing/folding etc. Also something mentioning "dws_info_stropsdeployed" no clue what that is.
jonpas added a subscriber: jonpas.EditedNov 8 2018, 7:20 PM

My thoughts on above:

  • (Mi6) rain - fix-up - should use a way longer delay, be unscheduled and have an option
  • (Mi6) rain sound - remove
  • (Mi6) camera shake - remove
  • (CH53) monitor SFX - remove (removes all damage EHs, damage and those sounds should be config-based)
  • (CH53) cargo - remove (looks like some old cargo pick-up script, still using USEC namespace so it probably doesn't do anything?)
  • (CH53) cargo drop - remove (same as above but for dropping cargo)
  • (CH53) anims - fix-up (looks good, same as other foldable helicopters, needs privatization and unscheduled delays as has been done for few others already)
  • (CH53) monitor - unknown (looks like bitching betty that Rocket made for USEC with warnings and shit, unsure if it works, remove if it doesn't, needs incredible fix-up otherwise)
  • (C130) monitor SFX - remove (removes all damage EHs, damage and those sounds should be config-based)
  • (HC3) monitor SFX - remove (removes all damage EHs, damage and those sounds should be config-based)

Thanks for short descriptions and links!

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my 2 cents:

remove the rain stuff
remove the cam shake (should be done through configs)
ch53 cargo is leftover from usec as they're the original authors and it wasnt meant for public release, remove
fix the ch53 anims
monitor and monitor sfx were made by chris iirc, imho it should be a module and should either work on all helos or not at all - aka be removed
monitor sfx on other vehicles, see above

jonpas added a comment.EditedNov 9 2018, 11:01 AM

Done in rVEHICLESSVN1568 and rVEHICLESSVN1567:

  • (Mi6) rain effects - removed (was unused)
  • (Mi6) rain sound - removed (was unused)
  • (Mi6) camera shake - removed (was broken unused)
  • (CH53) monitor SFX
  • (CH53) cargo - removed (was broken and unused)
  • (CH53) cargo drop - removed (was broken and unused)
  • (CH53) anims - improved
  • (CH53) monitor
  • (C130) monitor SFX
  • (HC3) monitor SFX

Monitor (bitching betty) is yet to be decided for removal or improvement.

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Monitor stuff removed in rVEHICLESSVN1574. @Eogos might come back to it in a few months with improved implementation that doesn't break other mods, and generalize it in CUP_Vehicles_Core.

Closing this as all given issues have been addressed.