Bar Gate on Sahrani is turned or offcenter
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Bar Gate on Sahrani is turned wrong way, is off center or placed in the middle of the road.

On the following pos:


Affected classnames
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Found the terrain tag.

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As we fixed the rotated bargate for the A2 terrains, it is now wrong rotated on A1 terrains. We thought this is the lesser evil as A2 terrains are more widely spread.

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What @TheConen said.

Two fixes I can think of:

  1. Scripted solution: include an initialisation to the bar gate that automatically fixes the rotation if the map matches Sahrani. Sahrani is by far my favourite map of the entire game. I just use United Sahrani as a stand in and make my own checkpoints in the interim, of course.
  1. Harder solution: remove the checkpoints from the Sahrani terrain and hand place correctly oriented ones. This would require unpacking and modifying the terrain, which may not even be possible with the binary map data we've got.

I am working on a complete different but far better solution ;)


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Isn't this resolved with Terrains 1.1.0?

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It is.