Mastiff and Ridgeback gunner optics not working
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Both the Mastiff and Ridgeback M2 have an ACOG but there is no optics view


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bump, can anyone help me with this problem? I'm not sure what's causing the issue.

You need another optics entry i think:

				class OpticsIn
					class Wide: ViewOptics
						initFov = 0.234;
						minFov = 0.234;
						maxFov = 0.234;
						gunnerOpticsModel = "\cup\wheeledvehicles\cup_wheeledvehicles_lav25\2dscope_lav_7";
					class Narrow: Wide
						initFov = 0.07;
						minFov = 0.07;
						maxFov = 0.07;
						gunnerOpticsModel = "\cup\wheeledvehicles\cup_wheeledvehicles_lav25\2dscope_lav_7";

Something like this.
You should probably just check for the original config as im sure it did have optics in A2.

Looking closer, you didn't add any gunneropticsmodel entry either, that is required for viewoptics i think.

even with that config the optics won't work, it really should be but it isn't.

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