BRDM-2 (HQ) lacks 2 seats
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The BRDM-2 (HQ) variant is only acessable to 2 Players: Driver and Gunner.
But the BRDM offers 2 more seats in the back (visable to the Driver if he looks behind).

Sadly the gunner cant turn in & it can only go about 15miles uphill, but thats another story.



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Speed should be the same like many other vehicles in arma that have terrible uphill velocity, the marshall can't even go past 20kmh on normal road.
30km/h (or 20mp/h) seems adequate.
Did you do any comparison with other vehicles?

Thanks for the fast reply, the speed just 'didnt feel right' for a wheeled vehicle. But Wikipedia says it is 95 km/h at max, so i guess the speed thing is fine.

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