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remove old useraction script and implement physx functionality in water


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From reyhard:

: Do not use, cause problems with turning
Use AmphibiousRatios instead to tweak turning ratio
rudderForceCoef = 0.100000; / increase this to gain more turning on lower speeds
rudderForceCoefAtMaxSpeed = 0.003000; / increase this to gain more turning on higher speeds
waterResistanceCoef = 0.15; / how much does water slow the ship down - basicaly tweak it for desired speed
engineShiftY = .7;
/ relative virtual position of engine for PhysX, affects lateral ship slope during turns

class complexGearbox {

GearboxRatios[] = {"R1",-5.0,"N",0,"D1",1.0};
AmphibiousRatios[] = {"R1", -10, "N", 0, "D1", 10}; //- tweak ambi gears for better turning on water
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