50cal should be able to penetrate barn walls
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Version tested: CUP Terrains 1.01 / A3 1.56

50cal fire from the FIA Armed Offroad is unable to penetrate the walls of Land_Stodola_open and Land_Stodola_old_open.

Test mission to demonstrate the problem:

  • Bullet tracing is enabled on the technical
  • Observe no trace enters either barn when shot
  • Similarly none of the units inside the barns take damage


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Affected classnames
Land_Stodola_open Land_Stodola_old_open
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We might get a different version of Land_Stodola_open from a contributor with improved lods and materials. Thus I set this priority to low for now.

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I was bored the other day while waiting for a dev branch update so I fixed the materials on these and added animations to stodola_open.

Now no man will be safe from the wrath of a .50 cal while inside of a barn.

Stodola_open now has slliding doors, how fancy.