Tweak hand animation M16A2/4, PKM, Uk59, FN FAL
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With M16A2/4, PKM and Uk59, the right hand is not correctly aligned with the trigger.

With M16A2/4, PKM, Uk59 and FN FAL, the left hand is not correctly aligned with the barrel, in most cases going through it.

For M16A2/4, see their M203 variants as reference, since they have correct right and left hand positions.


Affected classnames
CUP_arifle_M16A2; CUP_lmg_PKM; CUP_lmg_UK59; CUP_arifle_FNFAL
Gotcha created this task.Mar 29 2016, 1:02 PM

Perhaps use the animations from the NIArms FAL and AR15s

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Handpostions for M16A2/4, PKM/PKP and UK59 are redone

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