Make some launchers disposable
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Some launchers like the M136 and RPG-18 are single-shot discardable launchers. I propose to make a OnFired event handler that exchanges the launcher with a "used" version after the shot. In order not to break older missions I propose to introduce a global variable "CUP_disableDisposableLaunchers" that, if true, lets the game behave like it used to.

Configs should get an extra entry

CUP_LauncherUsed = <classname>;

that indicates what the launcher gets replaced with when fired. The "used" launcher has all its magazine entries stripped.

Make an editor module that needs to be placed to get disposable launchers. That would give best compatibility to other solutions like ACE. The basic mechanism would be the same.

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Idk the progress being made on this or if it's even still being worked on, but I wanted to at least say the the M-72 and the RPG-18 are also single-shot disposable launchers and should be included among those that are made disposable.

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This is technically covered by the ACE compats for CUP, obviously when running ACE.

Not sure on the official stance but CUP tends to avoid scripted solutions and just provides content as there are already other standardised mods that provide functionality (e.g. ACE) that they support.

Yeah but sometimes people/servers want some of those functions integrated within CUP, as it saves their player-base from having to download another mod.

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ACE is literally 145MB, if you have problems downloading that you probably have problems playing the game. I see no point in making a needless change that is already covered by another mod, especially one CUP has compats with for this kind of thing.

its not just the download size for some people, its all the stuff that's added along with ACE. For example some people don't want to have to deal with their medical system just to get the realism out of the weapons.

Or the advantages some people who have ACE enabled get over people who don't have ACE enabled, such as the enhanced capabilities of the Javelin and Titan.

Leave discussions to the discord, please.

Besides all that, having this be apart of the CUP mod will be an overall increase of quality for the mod. The little broken stuff like this is why a lot of people have the idea that the CUP mods are just low quality ports of stuff into ArmA 3.

Again, discussions belong to the discord.

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Since work has begun on this I'd like to state that the NLAW is also a single shot disposable launcher.

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