Weapons Slot definitions on the M249 are seriously fucked up
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M249 slots definitions are completely all over the place. There are multiple definitions that are contradictory. Some of them have explicitly define CowsSlot, while others have extra slots for optics rails etc.

Need a serious review and unfucking.


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Alwarren created this task.Apr 3 2016, 10:29 AM

I tried to make some cleanup on it, but this needs more work.

The predefined classes now work with regards to optics. Side rails are not functional yet.

Sparfell_19 added a subscriber: Sparfell_19.EditedAug 14 2016, 11:07 PM

I fixed the broken side rail in this commit :
and I think i overwrited some of the things you commented out, as they effectively seemed out of place to me.
It certainly need more review but I can't see major issues at that point. Other commented section can probably be removed.

edit : The weights could be improved

Yeah the things I commented out were completely out of place, the fix was done in a hurry so I just commented them instead of deleting them in case we needed the definition again.

Ok, then I'll take care of this task.

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