Realistic arming for german uh-1 and ch-53
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the german uh-1 is original armed with a mg3 on one side

and the german ch-53 (heer) uses a mg3 on the side and a better m3m on the ramp.

Would be a great detail improvement.

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We don't have a detailed G3.

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you can use this one:
i have the permission of the autor to use this model

We would need full written permission to use it under APL-SA.

is there a blank form i can send to the autor ?
i have never done this before.

He just needs to write that he allows CUP to use his model within APL-SA license. A screenshot of a mail or chat would be enough.

ok great i will get it fast as possible

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we now have MG3s in the weapons package, maybe we can add them to vehicles too

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