Mastiff and Rdgback drivers turnout?
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Mastiff and Ridgback drivers have superfluous and non-working turnout commands in action menu.


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Affected classnames
"CUP_B_BAF_Soldier_AA_MTP" "CUP_B_Mastiff_GMG_GB_D" "CUP_B_Mastiff_GMG_GB_W" "CUP_B_Mastiff_HMG_GB_D" "CUP_B_Mastiff_HMG_GB_W" "CUP_B_Ridgback_GMG_GB_D" "CUP_B_Ridgback_GMG_GB_W" "CUP_B_Ridgback_HMG_GB_D" "CUP_B_Ridgback_HMG_GB_W"
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The only fix I've managed to create so far breaks other things like the passenger FFV. So I'm unsure on how to go about sorting this out.

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