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would you please have a look onto the tunguska ? maybe its intended but it can lock targets in air and on ground even 10km away. for example you are flying a drone and see targets you can give them to your tunguska 10km far and it will destroy them. i am not sure if this could be changed in config of vehicle or weapon. but M6 linebacker cant do stuff like this. which is good btw.
i got this reported from community in china


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Muecke created this task.Apr 21 2016, 8:03 AM

AFAIK, vanilla vehicles with skill set to 1 fight vehicles up to 3,5km into the air.

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AFAIK, vanilla vehicles with skill set to 1 fight vehicles up to 3,5km into the air.

Hey if you make this change can you leave a version of it that has 10k range, its used on our OFPS CTI server as the Highest level AA veh for opfor and changing it to vanilla other veh ranges would really screw our server balance. Also could you make a note of how you changed its engagement ranges?

There are other units I would like to have higher engagement rangers like Large AA launchers CRAM and CWIS and your notes on this would help me make the desired changes for great results on our server.

This would really help us on our CTI server, thank you

Chairborne closed this task as Resolved.Sep 27 2016, 9:20 PM

Fixed in rVEHICLESSVN829.

To make everybody happy i made a version called 2S6 with lower radar range (3km min/6km max), all else unchanged. Original 2S6M version still exists with fancy 10km radar.

Also looked into ground locking stuff, i think it's an unavoidable side effect of how some things were put in the engine. All code should be there, its just not working.

Thanks for the 2S6.