All roads uphill slow down vehicles to 15 km/h and less
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Even smallset hills on Takistan, Zagrabad, and most of "green" terrains slow down most powerfull vehicles. It happen to RHS, and it isnt problems on vanilla islands.

vlad_8011 created this task.May 3 2016, 9:50 AM
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Does this also happen with default A3 vehicles as well? I'm reworking a lot of the surfaces at the moment, so if you can give an example location and vehicle used it'll help me test if the changes I make fix it.

I'll try to record some of those places on gameplay. (soon on YT)

Its actually most of roads uphill on small angle on all islands (best to test with BTR's, uaz, urals)

what speed do you get on vanilla terrains with the same vehicle?

vlad_8011 added a comment.EditedMay 12 2016, 6:33 PM

around 30 KM/h and more. Actually there is not problem with road only, its with whole slopes.

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Could this be related to the vehicle configs? I was playing around on the Bornholm terrain the other day and noticed that the RHS BTR-60 and -70s suffered from this issue but the RHS BTR-80s didn't (the BTR-80 matched the 30 KM/h from vanilla vehicles as reported by @vlad_8011).

If the only thing that changed was the vehicles, then the problem is with the vehicles, not the terrains.

I know, but RHS says the problem is CUP. maybe BTR80 have some experimental value (and it works).

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