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In every CUP map, ai see through clutter (grass). This makes very bad feeling playing with the mod. Please, fix this if possible, its impossible to see enemy in such high grass, enemy is seeing us with no problem. I need to switch grass of every infantry mission, it look like OFP with better lighting then. BIS added some parameter so Ai wont take phrone in grass - this would be very nice addition to see in Chernarus.


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The new surface params will definitly be added. Until that (patch or small update) there is not much we can do about the grass.

:( I hope BIS will do something about that, i dont feel like playing simulator .

Is there a chance we get an optional file (or a setting - or pretty much anything you guys can think of) that returns the default Chernarus grass for people who want it?

Don't get me wrong, the new one is very pretty, and Chernarus looks even better now, but it really makes the problem with AI worse since it replaces the short Chernarus grass, and we're left with tall Arma 3 grass, and tall Chernarus grass.

Actually original cherna grass were wery tall, only replacement was good (Dont remember mods name).

It is quite possible that I don't remember the original grass correctly. By default, I meant the grass Chernarus had before last CUP update.

It had these patches of short grass mixed in with tall grass, so it often didn't completely hide the AI when prone, also you could go prone and see properly (if you find yourself a nice spot). Here's the example: (previous grass) (new grass) - it's not so terrible on a slope (new grass on a flat area) - it's a bit worse here

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So what ended up happening in version 1.0.1 was a CUP World config that defined the grass as more straight loaded prior to the Chernarus config, so when the Chernarus config loaded it overwrote the values, resulting in bended grass. I however fixed the load order of a large number of configs in 1.1.0, so the Chernarus config with the bended grass was replaced by the CUP World config that gave straight grass.

So here are some comparisons, ignore the lighting, it's the grass that's being compared.

Image 1
CUP 1.1.0
CUP 1.0.1
What it will look like if we change it

Image 2
CUP 1.1.0
CUP 1.0.1
What it will look like if we change it

Image 3
CUP 1.1.0
CUP 1.0.1
What it will look like if we change it

In terms of the AIAvoidStance parameter, it is not used by BIS at all on Stratis and Altis.

It is used on Tanoa with 3 surfaces. The "GdtGrassShort" surface has a value of 1 (AI prefers going prone less). Then it is used on "GdtGrassTall" and "GdtGrassLong", where the value is 2 (AI almost never go prone). You can tell what surface you are currently standing on with the "surfaceType" command.

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Not only Altis grass is taller but you can see that it leaves patches of open ground around it. It's not as big issue 50m away, but up close original Chernarus grass is lower, and covers the ground as a nice green carpet, giving Chernarus a bit of its character back

1301 i was killed by AI, beacuse i didnt see him, but he saw me (grass between us). I leave arma untill they fix it. Arma 2 ai was much better. I guess its connected more with vanilla Ai, but on Stratis its harmfull less.

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Unfortunately AIAvoidStance parameter won't solve the problem completely. There's still the issue when AI see's you when you're climbing / looking down an edge of the hill, and both AI and player are standing with grass between them - AI will always see you.

I made a ticket on vanilla tracker about this problem (because they have gone a bit wild with the grass in the 1.60 update) - (igrnore the subtitles, they're for the BI devs)
(Grass density went up + they almost completely got rid of the default grass. It got a whole lot harder to play against the AI on Altis)

In any case, it seems you reduced the height of the new grass on Chernarus a bit? It's feels more manageable now, so thanks a lot!

@Gwynbleidd , can you give me link to this ticket (vanilla feedback tracker)? They seems to be more interested if more people comment it sometimes.

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