Over-saturation and intense brightness of some CUP terrains after 1.1.0
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WIP lighting tweaks by metalcraze and excellent 1.1.0 fixes by Pennyworth and others may look nice and conform to new BI visual upgrades for Altis and Stratis, but they need to be heavily tweaked by CUP terrain team to more closely resemble the look and feel of original BI terrains from A1 and A2. Since metalcraze WIP alpha tweaks are part of A3 1.60, I don't know to what extent CUP team is able to alter the brightness and saturation without requesting patches from BI. This is why I had grave doubts about the WIP alpha tweaks being included in 1.60 RC and 1.60 final.

In my opinion, the gold standard for visuals of CUP terrains derived from A1 and A2CO + DLC should be the terrains as they looked in the original games, not the "new look" provided by the A3 1.60 visual upgrade, which is designed for Mediterranean and Pacific lighting.

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Terrains already didn't look like they were in the original games due to ArmA3 lighting since its alpha. Same as Sahrani looked a lot less tropical when ported into ArmA2. In ArmA4 it will be the case once again. Shouldn't it be reasonable to keep up with modern standards?

True, right now HDR used by CUP is the same as BIS default - however it's possible to make colorspace "flatter" by tweaking new HDR if there really will be a request for that

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Nevertheless, I believe that, in general, CUP terrain visuals were closer to those of A1 and A2 before 1.1.0 + A3 1.60.

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