A2 Road Konecs Need Rotated
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When placing roads in Terrain Builder via shape file it seems that many of the road end objects (konecs) are rotated 180 degrees from the direction they should be facing. See attached screenshot for details. Obviously manual placement of road ends is not affected, since you have the ability to manually rotate the objects, but when the roads are calculated from roads shape file data from Terrain Builder, the konecs are incorrectly rotated because the image is rotated backwards.

As a temporary fix you can convert the paa files to a normal image, rotate them, and then convert them back to paa, and finally specify the edited image in the roadslib file so they will appear correctly in game. However, a better, more permanent fix would be to update the files in the CUP package so that users don't have to do this. Please add this to your to-do list for the future.



Affected classnames
sil_new_konec_ara_ca.paa, asf1_konec_ca.paa, asf_konec_ca.paa, asf2_dashedline_kr_ca.paa, and probably many more
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It should be noted that this could affect some A2 terrains if the existing textures are simply flipped. A better solution may be to create a new folder with textures specifically for roads and/or road ends that are confirmed compatible with A3 shape files so as not to disturb any existing terrain's roads.

Are you sure this isn't just a problem with your workspace setup?

Yes. A3 roads are rotated correctly. All roads are placed via shape file from Terrain Builder and roadslib.cfg has no bearing over road orientation, so there's nothing that could cause them to be incorrect besides the image itself being "backwards". I flipped the images manually via the method I mentioned in the original ticket, updated the roadslib.cfg to point to the new paa files and they now appear correctly with all other things being equal.

I actually asked him to made this task. The legacy road p3ds have a different texture orientation than the shapefile config. We can make the transition from roadnetwork to shapefiles easier for old terrain if CUP TP provides both, the legacy konec textures and the 180 degrees rotated ones for shapefile usage.

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