Launcher damage against tanks random
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Greetings. We had some trouble with T-72s shrugging of a lot of missiles without a scratch in escape missions and I investigated conflicts with other addons. The issue persists with only CUP loaded and the damage done to a vehicle seems very random at times.

The Javelin seems to have more problems on shorter range, a lot more reliable >200m than under. Sometimes a hit does <0.05 damage. I didn't check for hitpointdamage, but after a Javelin and 3 SMAW hits I would expect more than a yellow and still usable barrel ;)
Only really tested T-72 and Javelin and SMAW, I think we had MAAWS and AT-4 too in missions.
Maybe my aim just sucks and I only hit the well-armored non-critical spots, but the Javelin is problematic because you can't aim it yourself.

Video here:
Mission here:


Affected classnames
"CUP_I_T72_NAPA" and all other variants, base class "CUP_T72_Base"; "CUP_launch_Javelin","CUP_Javelin_M"; "CUP_launch_MAAWS_Scope","CUP_MAAWS_HEAT_M","CUP_MAAWS_HEDP_M"
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At around 31 seconds it becomes obvious that this M4 has an issue (missing proxy). Is this a correct installation?

I started without CBA, so no rails and no sight. Doesn't change damage, but already had to start Arma three times until video capture finally decided to work.

I tested it myself and can confirm the launchers are very inconsistent in applied damage to vehicles. In comparison the Titan is always either a one-hit or disabled the tank (followed by cookoff).

Ah alright. I just saw the problem and thought there might have been a download error or something of that nature.

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Launchers damage are now match vanilla, this ticket will closed after next update.

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