L85 UGL Leaf sizght issues
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L85 UGL Leaf sight has issues:

  1. Sight doesn't fold when UGL not in use
  2. Sight seems to be off center
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Sight is aligned. But there is still an issue with the leaf sight not flipping.

Strange workaround to get it flipping again:

  • Do a full build
  • Open CUP_Weapons_L85\L85A2_ugl.p3d , move something, hit UNDO, and save. (maybe enough to change the datestamp of the file)
  • Uncheck full build in pboProject and Crunch it

It should now flip

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WTF? Try deleting your temp folder on P: before you do a (full) build and see if it works then. Sounds like some mikero magic....

Deleting temp folder does not help

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