CUP Everon small bugs
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Been playing a dynamic mission on Everon and it's given me a chance to run around in game play conditions. Found a few small bugs.

  1. There is a particular ground clutter object that is a group of fallen trees that occur in the Pine forest on the island. They look great but there are many of them across the island on slopes sticking out like planks. Is it possible to snap them to the terrain? Screenshot included

2.The Base at 075086, the gate is off center. One of the post is in the middle of the road. Also, the base is covered in grass, not a bug per say but would look more like a base if it didn't have the tall grass looks abandoned. Gate is in the bottom left corner of grid 075085

  1. last one, the paved roads when driven on with wheeled vehicles are playing the gravel road sound instead of paved road sound.

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Barrier issue is sorted, should be fixed in dev build

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