Some weird loadouts for the US forces
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So this is similar to my suggestion for the Russians, which a dev graciously took on

I noticed all US riflemen have EOtech sights. You guys already have an ACOG model, so I think riflemen should be split into Rifleman (EOtech) and Rifleman (ACOG), Even better, throw the aimpoint red dot sight in there (probably more realistic than the EOtech,). For variety if nothing else (although it would be more realistic also).

Also, the EOTech sights do not match the rifles colorwise. They are a tan/desert color on the black rifles and it stands out a lot. In the arsenal, you do have the matching black EOtech.

One more note regarding loadouts. The US Army team leader IIRC (or maybe squad leader) has some weird night sight/thermal sight on his rifle. I just find it a bit of an odd and extremely situational addon, especially for a team leader.

I realize many of these may be legacy material from arma 2, but I see no reason why you cant do some rearranging!

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Do you have some documentation regarding US army loadouts ?
I found this one :
but it's from 2003 maybe a bit dated (not so much for A2 times)

Some improvements were done but still some work to do.

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Hmmm honestly I cant find an official army document or anything. Im basing it off of numerous videos and pictures ive seen.

This is from 2007

This from 2009

Dont know date

They are either issued the Aimpoint CompM4 or the ACOG.

I dont think ive even ever seen an EOtech unless it was some sort of special operations.

Was you say is coherent regarding what is said in the pdf. I think I'll make the switch

Good to hear, thanks!

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Every suggestions in this tickets are now integrated. Closing.