MAAWS sight ranging incorrect
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The scope of the MAAWS AT launcher include chevrons as well as manual ranging (Page Up-Page Down keys). That creates a conflict so I think the manual ranging manipulation should be removed. That will also comply with the Arma 2 behavior.

In addition, even if the sights are ranged for the nearest range value, the rockets flies high above the upper chevron for targets up to 400 meters.

Hi. I added manual zeroing to MAAWS because I could not configure the ammo ballistic in order to make it work properly with the scope (using the scope was very unreliable). This is of course a temporary fix.
This was done a long time ago, AFAIR it was more or less OK with manual zeroing. I'll check it again, maybe something has changed.

related to T732

I'll give it another go and try to fix the balistics. I wonder if the reticle is authentic, the one I used was different.

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Adjusted the ballistics so that the MAAWS scope's BDC markers now work as expected.