Building height of Panelak
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Land_Panelak (\ca\buildings\Panelak.p3d)
Land_Panelak2 (\ca\buildings\Panelak2.p3d)
Land_Panelak3 (\ca\buildings\Panelak3.p3d)

because of your improvisation the buildings listet above are misplaced on maps which have been done with AiA-TP, they are too high!

Same occourse with the damage model.

Needs to be fixed quick because most houses are not enterable anymore and damagemodel is flying


Affected classnames
Land_Panelak, Land_Panelak2, Land_Panelak3
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But they work with maps that were build with A2 data, and that is the important part. Fixing them on AiA terrain will result in them being sunken into the ground on all CUP and A1/A2 maps.
The problem here is with AiA and terrains that used AiA data.