ArmA 1 Building Positions
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Many of the ArmA 1 buildings either do not have mempoints for AI positions or they do not work at all. For example, the large multi-floor apartment buildings have broken position points. Telling an AI unit to move to one of them will not work; they run around the building instead of going in, up the stairs, and to the correct position in the house.

Other examples are churches and small houses with interiors.

It would be extremely helpful if this was fixed so that scripts which spawn AI on positions and/or have AI patrol throughout buildings using house positions can utilize these ArmA 1 maps and buildings within the maps.

Can provide list of classnames, but it seems to be the case for nearly all (if not all) ArmA 1 buildings.

Phronk created this task.Dec 19 2016, 7:36 PM

If we ever are going to be able to tackle this, a list of classnames would actually be really helpful.

If I get time, I'll provide a complete list of classnames.

Any update on the classnames?

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Still waiting on those classnames