Static Line Script - @CUPVehicles - Dega Static Line
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My team and I subscribe to the steam version of CUP and we used @DegaPerachutes as well. We are receiving an error for "script\cup_Airvehicles_staticline\functions\fn_massParachuteDrop.sqf not found" when we run CupVehicles and Dega. I see in CUP, when the static 'chutes script was added, that the SQF is removed for mass paradrop where it exists in Dega. (Dega on the left and CUP on the right)

Also I removed Dega and only ran CUPVehicles. The only vehicle that works is the merlin (See screenshot for CUP Vehicles - Left and Dega -Right)
It looks like this is an older version of Dega 'chutes as the newest version classifies ALL vehicles (Screenshot - Notepad on the right)

  • possible fix is to use the newest version of Dega and remove old scripts.


Affected classnames