BTR-90 Grenade launcher flash position.
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The ags-17 grenade launcher fires rounds from the barrel of the main connon. But the flash shows elsewhere.

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Im not sure which place should the grenades been shoot, certainly there's an inconsistency anyway.

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The position of the flash is correct. The weird thingy at the end of which a flash appears is the AGS-17. The design of the launcher was a bit reinterpreted by BI but that's exactly where grenades are supposed to be fired from, not through the main cannon.

You can clearly see the actual thing on this picture:

there might be an engine limitation to this

I'm afraid I don't quite follow ๐Ÿ˜• From the looks of it the muzzle flash appears at the right place. It isn't supposed to appear at the muzzle of a main cannon as the rounds aren't fired through it but through the AGS-17 launcher mounted to the top of a turret.

i mean that the game only accepts one set of points for bullets and shells to be shot from, which means both autocannon rounds and grenade rounds can only spawn from a single point in the 3d model, rather than both having their individual spawn points

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It is an engine limitation. Any given turret can have a main gun and an auxiliary weapon, like main gun and coax MG. The AG17 is the third gun on the same turret, and as such, will not be able to shoot from yet another position. The PKT has tracers, therefore it was important to get that one correct. The AGS7 will fire from the main gun simply because the engine doesn't allow for anything else.