Ridgeback Spelling Mistake
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Ridgeback is spelt incorrectly as 'Ridgback'.


Affected classnames
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It seems there is different ways in spelling it, not sure about the naming convention but from what I gather it can be spelled "Ridgback" or "Ridgeback".


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Seems to be a preference to spelling the vehicles name. Could use with more information.

It's named after the Rhodesian Ridgeback dog breed, same as the other vehicles in the family are named after other famous working dog breeds. Wolfhound, Mastiff, Husky and Foxhound etc.

Ridgeback is the correct spelling when you line it up with the others.

Army know it as "Ridgback" officially


Air Force know it as "Ridgeback" officially


I know its named after a dog like the rest of our mraps basically, and the proper spelling for the dog is with an E however its used by the BAF "army" ingame and not the RAF so it will be staying with its designation of Ridgback unless more information can be provided.