CUP-CfgVehicles DustEffects override Surface-Dust-Configs for external Maps/Mods
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The cfgVehicle-Configs in CUP Terrains-Core -> cup_terrain_worlds/DustEffects defining the dust and smoke effects for all CUP-Maps are overwriting any other cfgVehicles-configs for external maps using that mod for the objects on their own maps.

That means you can not use your own surfaces and give them proper dust-configs, as they will not show up and work. No dust effects are working on own surfaces.
(Only disabling CUP-Terrains Core helps, but of course you cannot use the A1/A2-content anymore).
Best recent example: Taunus (Which set up their own dust-effects for their surfaces, but they are overwritten by CUP)

Possible solution: Move that cup_terrain_worlds.pbo (or at least the config for the dust-effects) over to the mod "CUP-Terrains Maps", so the objects can still be used for other map-projects.


Affected classnames

Yes and no, CUP already included all the regular surface-classnames for Altis etc. so the problem in the old report does not occure anymore.

But the problem still persists for any other Mod-Maps outside the CUP-Terrain-Maps pack as they are not able to use the CUP-Objects and still have own configs for their surfaces with dust-effects.

That is why i suggested to move those configs to the CUP-Map-Pack and out of the CUP-Terrain-Core version, as many Map-Makers use this as a basic for all the objects on their maps.

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Moving it wouldn't really solve anything though. I agree it doesn't need to be in CUP Terrains Core, but just moving it wouldn't solve anything. The only reason it was overriding their dust effects is because it was loading after their dust effects, and replacing them. If they added CUP_Worlds_DustEffects as a requiredAddon then there would be no issue, except maybe them overriding the CUP dust effects if they didn't copy those.

Part of this issue comes from the way you have to define dust effects. You can't inherit and add to a nested array (or atleast not from what I've seen), so in order to add dust effects for your map, you have to define all dust effects again.