bolt action bolt cycle reload animation
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The bolt action cycling/reload needs to be addressed. When you cycle the bolt to reload from the magazine, your cheek weld and sight picture through scope are broken and the view is zoomed out and sight of the target is lost temporarily. For more realism, especially since this is a military realism based game, the shooter should be able to maintain sight picture through the scope and cheek weld while cycling the bolt to eject the spent round and load a fresh one from the magazine. This is basic fundamentals and knowledge for anyone who has spent time behind a scoped rifle, especially if they have seen some actual military training. Only beginners pull their head from the target after each shot to cycle the bolt in real life. Also, the cycling of the bolt animation is a little slow compared to real life, but is acceptable. Most can run a bolt quite a bit faster/smoother than the animation.
The animation should only be after the magazine is empty (and most shooters can reload it without pulling their head, too).


Affected classnames
L115A3, CZ750, CZ550, M24, M40, others
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