AK's first person view
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Looks at the Screenshots :



With CUP AKM (or any other CUP ak's) player eyes are way too close compared to BIS AKM. Maybe you can do something about that. The models looks almost identical (except texture wise).

Same problem for Bizon PP-19.


Affected classnames
Ak's Family (AKM AK74....) and PP-19
Boomer created this task.May 15 2017, 11:10 PM

This is by design, the original a2 models had the opposite problem where the eyes were too far from the gun. We'll consider changing this.

Thanks you for you time Chairborne.

I'm hoping to see some kind of improvement in future (And more globally on Cup weapons pack ^^ it needs it !).

As always thanks for all of your good work Cup team !

it needs it

Care to elaborate?

I just wanted to say that there is still some work to do :

  • reload animation
  • better texture /or models for weapons (i don't want fancy stuff just they look like more arma 3 than A2).
  • re-worked optics (texture / 3D stuf)

I don't think you will remember but i contact you on bis forum to propose donation to buy some new models.

Your answer :

Sorry for the late reply, I haven't noticed I had another message.

We're currently not taking donations, but thank you for asking.

We're trying to improve all the models and textures that we can, but these things all take time, and we haven't even ported it all. Having said that, I think that M16's and M4's are scheduled for replacement in one of the upcoming updates. We also have to check the MP5 and Dragunov which both look pretty horrible.

Glad you like CUP. That's why we did it :)

My apologies if my request may have seemed unfair.

I know modding is difficult and most of the time players are not very grateful (but i am ! ).

(Sorry for my very bad English)

I thought you would have specific stuff in mind. I do remember the PM actually, but as I said back then, we're not taking donations right now.

If you have any specific issues (like this one, for example) feel free to let us know. In the meantime, we'll have to catch up with the changes in the game like the dynamic loadouts, and that all takes a while sadly.

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