Door animations work with possible future ACE implementation
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I'm working on a fix for ACE3 door opening. So that you can open it a little at a time.
So it would be good if you used the same system.

Its in the buildings config there is a class SimpleObject and in there a variable called animate.
All vanilla buildings have it.

Can post here if this implementation is going to be put in ACE so you know.

PS. Im not a ACE dev.


Affected classnames
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I updated all Buildings to new the NamingStandards from BI (door_N_soundSource / door_N_noSoundSource (Handle)). You can take a look at the CUP-Dev-Branch.

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Hej I'm new to your website and can't find your dev branch. Where can I find it?

TLDR; add the CUP Team steam account to your friends list, and notify one of us in on the BI Forums or Discord so that we know its you


Yeah I figured out how to do it so if this request get accepted:

Then the incremental open will work aslong as all the animations comes up by cmd "animationNames".

So you can close this if you want!