M1135 ATGMV Missile flies behind the vehicle
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A missile fired from the Vehicle pulls up instantly and does a 180.
Tested it with the CUP_B_M1135_ATGMV_Woodland_Slat and the current DEV Versions of CUP. Probably broken due the targeting thing from the last Update.


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nic547 created this task.Jun 1 2017, 9:26 PM
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yes. and hmmwvTOW not working correct too. all missiles havent control. Pls fix bug with TOW missiles control

hvymtal added a subscriber: hvymtal.EditedSep 22 2017, 10:55 PM

Short youtube video demonstrating the problem (sorry, no audio. 1st time using windows capture)

I also went through all of the other ground vehicles and turrets with SACLOS ATGMs as well as the shoulder-fired metis. It appears only the Stryker is affected

@topden, HMMWV TOW seems to be working fine for me, I can't replicate your problem

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Humvee TOW works fine on my end too.