No hitpoint vehicles and wrong vehicles damage with use of titan launcher
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I noticed the last update the whole CUP littlebird range didn't had any hitpoint?
So it is not possible to repair it with a ductape in Exile.
This allready was the problem with the whole Harrier range.

I also noticed the damage problem between the Cup vehicle/weapons and newer Arma vehicles/weapons.
I only have to shoot 1 titan rocket on a T90 and its gone.
But can shoot around 4 javalin on a M2A4 Slammer UP and hardly has any effect.
I hope this can be fix soon, so all CUP vehicles/weapons can make and take the same damage the newer Arma vehicle/weapon can.

Keep up the good work!

FlipM0d3 created this task.Jul 2 2017, 8:37 AM