Revise cfgEnvSounds configuration and CAWorld EnvSounds and other worlds
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  • While the old environment sound definitions are still valid, the new soundShader ones should be used instead.
  • Having custom defaults in cfgEnvSounds (WindForestHigh, WindNoForestHigh) affects all 3rd party terrains unless explicitly "overwritten" by another environment sound class with the same parameters.
  • Having a custom cfgEnvSpatialSounds in CAWorlds is very problematic:
    • It disables the default from BI from cfgEnvSounds
    • It lacks the additional classes BI recently defined
  • The custom definitions in Stratis and Altis modify the defaults BI intended via DefaultWorld/cfgEnvSounds
  • The custom definitions in A1/A2/OA terrains are outdated and should be disabled until ported to the new soundShader system.
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