A couple of bugs listed in description.
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Doesn't shoot at anything.

The LAV-25A1 And the LAV-C2 Both dont have there gun mounted but the Lav-25A1 still shoots while the C2 doesnt.

MiniTripod L111A1 And Tripod Raised L111A1 Are swapped/names are wrong.

The FV432 Bulldog M240, No AI can mount them even when spawned have to play as them an Turn Out

The HMMWV MK19 And M2's Gun is the wrong color

I don't know if its a bug but the m1911 has less "Impact" Than any 9mm guns, I don't know if they mean gun strength or penatration but ima post it anyway also some guns that should have more weight have less and vice versa.

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