Weapon Accuracy (prev. Mk16/17 acc)
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Mk16 and Mk17 variants do not vary in accuracy or range, only in weight. This also gives the Mk16 very low accuracy compared to the other 5.56mm weapons; it is very difficult to consistently hit targets beyond 400m even with high-powered sights with variable zero

Edit: Nvm the Mk16/17 part. Instead, perhaps a review should be done on weapon accuracy values for some weapons. The Mk17 CQC, M4A1, G36K (especially) seem to be too accurate compared to similar weapons (though admittedly there isn't much to compare the mk17 to). This is a relatively minor problem and should not be allowed to delay the next update or detract significant resources from other issues if it comes to it

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How was this tested?

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Using virtual arsenal. Not only do they display similar range and accuracy values, but they also shoot similar groups. After that, I tried testing in the editor with similar effects
I'll do a couple images shortly

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LRPS. Bipod where available. 500m
After reviewing the screens again I retract my earlier claim. That being said, accuracy standards seem to vary in CUP weapon families. The M4, for instance, appears to be too accurate compared to the AK and the Mk16. Way too accurate. So does the Mk17 CQC

Mk16 CQC
Mk16 Std
Mk16 SV
Mk17 CQC (Out of a 13-inch barrel? really?)
Mk17 Std
Mk17 Sniper
M4A1 (for reference. Possibly a bit too accurate)
AK-74M (for reference. Possibly a bit too inaccurate)
L85 (for reference)
MX (for reference)

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is there any data we can use to adjust the accuracy of these guns?