M1030 Idle Lean
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Leans just a touch clockwise/right/starboard when not turning

Does not affect functionality but it can be... annoying

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I already tried fixing this, it can't be done. I think it's just a quirk of the old simulation as this bike is not using A3 physx but relies on the old A2 one.

Isn't it because it has a stan-leg on the right side and it deployed it when you were not moving in A2?

Yes but as far as i can see nothing in the 3d model or animations that makes it do that, it seemed hardcoded in the simulation. I could check again though.
We've added the other motorcycle too in DEV, the TT610, you can take a look and see if that has the issue or not, maybe i missed something.

Can we maybe make it PhysX by giving it four wheels but putting them really close together? Just an idea, no clue if that would actually work... because.. PhysX.

it would roll over

Maybe we should ask BIS for a motorbikes DLC XD