Missing / duplicate CfgSurfaces entries
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There is some missing / duplicate CfgSurfaces entries.
Sahrani does not have dust effects.

Quote kju:

[7:20 AM] kju: surface textures without files pattern definition/matching:
https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/25436636/ (all texture types)
[7:21 AM] kju: duplicate pattern definitions:
[7:21 AM] kju: duplicate surface textures:
[7:24 AM] kju: so in summary just 3 versions of hlina, some desert appear to be missing. the duplicates are probably no problem
[7:25 AM] kju: also bit confused not finding the config definitions for Sahrani
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Am currently reworking the map configs & surface configs to make them same layout.
Also to fix anything mikero tools is complaining about (mainly clutter mistakes in the configs)

Some of the missing CfgSurfaces are currently defined in cup_terrains_ca_ca_c i.e for Sahrani etc
Will prob leave this config in place, to maintain backwards compatible

Duplicate surface textures isn't really an issue, prob worth leaving them in place (incase another addon references them).