Openable doors on vehicles break GetIn* actions
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Some CUP vehicles have configured driverDoor and cargoDoors parameters. If use GetIn* actions on them (like GetInGunner or GetInCargo) the driver door (hatch) is opened. It's especially bad in MP with driver in.

It looks like it's BI's fault, maybe that's why they don't have any vehicles with configured openable doors.

These classes have working driverDoor parameter with repeatable bug:

  • CUP_MI35_TOH_Base
  • CUP_BMP1_base
  • CUP_UAZ_Base
  • CUP_Ural_BaseTurret

CUP_BMP1_base and CUP_UAZ_Base (maybe others) has sometimes (I don't really know when) bug with GetInCargo: unit gets stuck in standing animation and can't move anymore until mission restart. It looks like this depends on cargoDoors parameter. Maybe other classes too, didn't find.

CUP_C_Golf4_Base has working *Door(s) parameters but I didn't managed to repeat bug with it.
Some vehicles (e.g. M113) have configured parameters with missing anim - they are OK.

Maybe gunnerDoor parameter is bugged too, didn't test.


  1. look at vehicle in repro mission (except UAZ Open)
  2. use player action ["getInGunner", cursorObject] command OR
  3. use Gunner menu action (added in init.sqf)
  4. see opened driver door.

Repro stuck animation:

  1. look at UAZ Open or BMP-1 in repro mission
  2. use Cargo action
  3. SOMETIMES you are stuck (if not - it could start only after game restart, don't try to restart mission many times).


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Affected classnames
CUP_MI35_TOH_Base CUP_BMP1_base CUP_UAZ_Base CUP_Ural_BaseTurret
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BI doesn't use either one entry so i assume they're all broken.

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Problem can be worked around with using GetInTurret with correct turret argument instead of GetInGunner or GetInCommander and with passing cargo index argument to GetInCargo (see