VIV Helicopters Wont Land via AI
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I can't get the AI to land any of the VIV Helicopters when there are vehicles in transit. They attempt to land several times and then get stuck in a loop until the cargo has been removed. They then land with no issues.

Tested at all airfields on Malden 2035 with CH_47F_VIV and others.

I'd ask you if you tried with vanilla helos doing this but there aren't any so im not sure.

Trying to understand if its an engine bug or something we're doing wrong. Have you tried with VIV helos from other mods?

I started from scratch and attempted to reproduce with the same helos and they landed no problem at all.
I will investigate further but I'd have to expect it's the engine.

That's a negative on VIV helos from other mods.
I will download a couple and have a play.

Once again I cannot get them to land so it would appear to be intermittent.

I can't get CUP_C_MI6A_RU to land with a CUP_I_SUV_ION in cargo.

CUP_B_CH53E_VIV_GER will land with the above vehicle in cargo but strangely not if you use the time acceleration feater (set to 4.0x).

sounds like something related to vanilla AI behavior more than something we accidentally broke, there's nothing weird in how VIV is implemented