MH-60S, MV-22,UH-1Y: Fold Rotors Garage Component? (+ AH-1 trivial)
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The MH-60S, UH-1Y and MV-22B do not have an option in the garage to fold into stowed configuration, at least in the released build. This can make mission creation aboard the Freedom, Khe Sanh, and Nimitz more difficult due to the reduced space available on already cramped vessels. The CH-53, and AH-1 already offer this feature.

Also, the AH-1 Also lacks a dash in its Eden and Zeus names. It reads "AH1Z" when it should read "AH-1Z." This affects the USMC and AAF versions

EDIT: The UH-1Y appears to be affected by the rotor fold "bug" as well


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Affected classnames
CUP_B_US60S_USN, CUP_B_MH60L_DAP_(pylons)_(loadout)_USN, CUP_B_MV22_USMC, CUP_B_UH1Y_(variant)_USMC
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Neither the CH-53 nor the AH-1Z seem to retain the option once the virtual garage is left for some reason.

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