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Skoda 1203 Van lacks any rear lights at all

Lada has no brake or reverse lights, but it does have rear marker lights when the headlights are on

Ikarus 160 Bus lacks any rear lights at all

Golf has no reverse lights (though to be fair I don't really see anywhere to put them)

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The Lada doesn't really have any place to put the brake or reverse lights. In Arma 2, the direction lights were used as rear lights, and the rear lights as brake lights, but the lower of the two light bars in the rear is yellow and clearly a turn signal light, not a rear light.

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regarding the golf reverse lights:
i'm currently only on my laptop so i dont know how the arma model looks, but i guess it has these tinted backlights or similar

the reverse lights are at the same position as the in untinted ones, but when off they cant be seen this easily as in the next pic

after starting up a3: reverse lights are currently lit up when braking, the difference in color can clearly be seen. Also, certain parts of the rear light arent lit up on any occasion which is rather odd

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Lada 1200:
wouldnt it be possible to overlay the marker lights with brighter braking lights when braking?
for a reverse light, the lada is probably too old, people seem to have added an extra light to the bumper when still driving them today

after starting up a3: the lada already has extra lights mounted to the bumper, they´re just not working

The bikes already have overlaid brake lights, just brighter and more pink-ish

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