Missing building positions
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Probably more a feature request, seems some buildings lack buildingPositions for AI garrisoning, ordering AI in to buildings or spawning stuff.

Example classname only returns one position.


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Affected classnames
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This might be of use when debugging, I've not had a chance to check it in-game as it's code I hacked out of an older mission. Just needs a marker placed on the centre of the map called marker1.


cup_fnc_findBuildingPos = {
    private _buildingArray = (getMarkerPos "marker1") nearObjects ["Building", 20000];
    private _buildingCount = 0;
    private _totalBuildingPositions = 0;

        _buildingCount = _buildingCount + 1;
        private _buildingPositions = _x buildingPos -1;
            _totalBuildingPositions = _totalBuildingPositions + 1;
            private _itemBoxPos = getpos _x;
            private _markerstr = createMarker ["markername" + (str _itemBoxPos), _itemBoxPos];
            _markerstr setMarkerColor "ColorRed";
            _markerstr setMarkerShape "ICON";
            _markerstr setMarkerType "hd_dot";
        } forEach _buildingPositions;
    } forEach _buildingArray;
    systemChat format["Total buildings in area: %1", _buildingCount];
    systemChat format["Total building positions: %1", _totalBuildingPositions];

[] call cup_fnc_findBuildingPos;

Thanks, found the issue.
Going to look at making a script to check other CUPs Terrain Assets for similar problem

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