CUP Terrains Core 1.4.0 Config bug
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I have just downloaded and tested CUP Terrains Core version 1.4.0 and found a small bug.

When opening a mission in the editor a message is displayed stating ... No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds/Intro.description'

where did you download the mod from? are you sure the download is not corrupted? if it was from steam workshop try going in the arma 3 launcher > mods panel > click on CUP terrains core and then repair, then try again.

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I download from the google drive link from the CUP download page, the zip file was unpacked using 7zip 16.02 portable.

Are you only loading Core? You also need at least one map, either CUP Terrain Pack - Maps or a custom user map.

Yes, I downloaded CUP Terrains CWA Maps.

Are you loading CUP Terrains Maps as well? CWA maps depend on it.

Yes, I downloaded CUP Terrains 1.4.0 CWA Maps.

Let me repeat that. In order to use the CWA maps, you must load

  • Cup Terrains - Core
  • Cup Terrains - Maps
  • CUP Terrains - CWA

That is three addons. Do you have all of those loaded?

Ahh ... I see said the blind man, I left out CUP Terrains Maps in the launcher because I only wanted the original OFP maps active, thanks for the heads-up Alwarren, the error was mine - sorry my bad.

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No worries, glad this is cleared up