RPT errors due to Merlin HC3 folded rotor model
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RPT errors:

"[date] cup\airvehicles\cup_airvehicles_hc3\merlinhc3_mainrotorfolded_baf.p3d: vehicle, config class missing"

This is due to the fact that the P3D has unneeded/unnecessary Name Properties. Note that the specific property that triggers this RPT is the "class" property which is currently designated "man" and "vehicle" class in the different LOD's. Obviously that is not the case...


  1. In O2, open Window > Named Properties.
  2. Select all properties
  3. Delete all properties since none of the named properties matter for 99.9% of the model.

That's it. Autocenter = 0 for the geo lod is the only thing of relevance these days, and that's only for weapons. And it isn't even present in this model.

I suspect that other "part" models of the HC3 may also have extra properties that can be removed as well.


Affected classnames

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